Sunday, January 17, 2010


I like reading.  Always have.

During college I found I didn't spend as much time reading for pleasure as I used to.  I read plenty for my classes, but I definitely "fell behind on my reading."  With a newfound surplus of free time, I started picking up a couple books I'd been meaning to read last summer, like William Gibson's Neuromancer, and the fascinating (at least to me) Masters of Doom, as well as having Christine steer me towards Microserfs, and the english translation of the original Battle Royale.  But this was still only a handful of books over the last six months or so.

Now, between Christmas presents, and one fateful trip to the Half Price Books in Robinson, I've amassed the following mini-mountain in the last few weeks...

In case you're keeping score:

Methinks I have some reading to do...  :-)