Friday, October 07, 2005

My Comic Needs a Name!

Apparently the Comic Genesis registration process can take awhile... like in the neighborhood of 2 weeks. In light of this, I need to start trying to get my new webcomic online soon if I want it to actually be online in the forseeable future. There is just one problem with this...

I have no name for the comic!

So I'm asking anyone who reads this (which I'm aware amounts to 2, maybe 3 people) to help me out. The comic will be mostly about odd/funny things that happen around campus, and will be primarily based on things that have actually happened. the characters will probably be based on people from my floor, but I'll probably combine people, as well as change some of the names (to protect the not-quite-innocent). I may also have an occasional "commentary" strip where I parody a movie I just saw or something.

If none of that made sense, here are some examples of similar comics:

And last (but most importantly...) here are the names i'm considering for the comic

  • "Life of Mike"
  • "Directionless"
  • "Figurative Monotony" (whatever that means. Will came up with it.)
  • ????
Please leave comments if you like one of these over the others, or if you have a better idea.

On a side note, you can see a little preview of the second comic in the current Picture Of The Moment.

UPDATE: (on Monday) So far the only intelligent/coherent feedback I've recieved has been in favor of "Directionless", so unless something marvelously inspired comes my way in the next 6 hours or so, that's what I'm sticking with.

Coloring and shading on the second comic are coming along nicely.


Will said...

Oh I was drunk when I came up with that name. <_< >_>

Mike Hanley said...

Heh. That would explain it.

Wait.. weren't you home when we were having that discussion? O_o


Mike Haley said...

Maybe he was, maybe he wasn't :P

Anyway, uhhhh.... I like "Directionless" better than the other two.

VeriFun: kcaci. What Will loves.

Mike haley said...

And by the way, your second comic is way too small, I can't see the joke in the second panel... I see something about "freshmen" and can extrapolate from there, but can't actually make out exactly what it says.

Mike Hanley said...

That's because it's a preview. A teaser, if you will. There aren't even any speech bubbles. If you want to get the joke, you'll need to see the final comic! (which should easily be posted tomorrow. I could probably get it done tonight, but I have to be "punished for a failure to procrastinate effectively." :)


Will said...

Yeah I was drunk when I said I was drunk when I came up with that name.
<_< >_>

Mike Hanley said...

Will... you are so going in the comic for that comment! XD