Monday, October 31, 2005

I'l be home this weekend

Yup. First weekend in November I'm going to be taking advantage of my dad's frequent flyer miles (and a convenient 3 day weekend thanks to Eid ul-Fitr) and making a quick trip back to Pittsburgh. Should be a nice change of pace, and I'll probably sleep better without my roommate snoring :)


Will said...

Give Haley or I a call and you can maybe come hang out at Pitt / CMU.


Drkdstryer said...

Yeah really, we'll all go a mad party and end up doing lines off some hooker's ass!

Well, not if you party at CMU. Only at Pitt. :P

Mike Hanley said...

I'm leaning towards hanging out at CMU. Nothing against you Will, just a bunch of geeks sound more interesting than your roommate & his friends. If I wanted to be surrounded by drunken potheads, I could just stay here! Yes, that pretty much describes my floor. Last night I spent at least an hour entertaining a couple of stoned guys who were absolutely blown away by HL2:Lost Coast. :)

"Dude! Look how fucking shiny that is!"


Will said...

Generalizing bastard. :)

It's alright, Haley does it all the time. I'm having sex with people 24/7 and never sober, apparently.

nyjcsnn (New York Jets Cascading Sports National News)

Yes, time to make acronyms of the letters. :)