Thursday, October 13, 2005

Don't Drink The Water!

Oh, this is fun to wake up to: Looks like there's E-Coli in the tap water here.

An e-mail from the University offers this helpful advice:
Water should be boiled at a full boil for a minimum of one minute
before drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes or being
used in food preparation; boiling kills most bacteria and other
organisms in the water.

Bathing is permitted, but incidental ingestion during bathing
activities should be avoided.
It's like studying abroad in Mexico! Just without the travel costs, or that annoying language barrier!


Mike said...

Do you guys even have anything to boil water on? We don't in our rooms.


Mike Hanley said...

We could use the microwave to boil water, but it's easier to just rely on the Aquafina bottles they put in our mailboxes 2x a day.