Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Just some random things of note today. May be updated as new stuff comes to mind.
  • I'm sure everyone has seen those "double entendre" shirts. Tonight in the dining hall I saw one that said "Rogues do it from behind." I don't know if it was a D&D/RPG reference, but I still laughed.

  • So now Facebook has an "I am..." feature. Great, so now I have two sets of away messages (Facebook and AIM) to keep me distracted from my work? I think Sue currently says it best though: "Susanna is happy to see there is one more way for me to stalk people via facebook :)."

  • "Leon" (AKA "The Professional") is a good movie, but I don't know how Natalie Portman's parents let her do it.

  • There were pro-life demonstrators showing off banners of bloody fetuses outside Bird Library today. A news team interviewed us about what we thought, and we said something about how sure the images are kinda disturbing, but they have a right to express their views. The reporter didn't seem happy with us - guess we didn't give her the extremist "sound bites" she was looking for. ;)

I'm sure more stuff will occur to me tonight. Update: Nah, it really didn't.


Will said...

I cannot for the life of me get the new facebook feature to show up.

Drkdstryer said...

Oh yeah it's all D&D. Made by the fine guys at Penny-Arcade : P