Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Graffiti Wall

This started a while ago, but it's gotten silly recently so I felt I should mention it.

In the covered stairs leading up to Flint and Day, there are a couple of large bulletin boards. A while back, I noticed that one of them had been covered in some unique graffiti: (horrible quality, courtesy my horrible camera phone)

Sure, it's a nice message, although I found it odd (and a bit amusing) that the best way someone could find to express their patriotism was through (admittedly minor) vandalism. As I had just seen V for Vendetta at the time, I briefly thought how funny (albeit somewhat disprespectful) it would be if someone spray painted a giant red "V" symbol over it. However, troop-supporting, law-abiding coward that I am, I didn't seriously consider it.

Fast-forward to the present, and it seems others do not share my hesitation at defacing this defacement, although their reactions aren't nearly as clever as my thoughts were. First it was just someone adding a couple words to make the message "Support our troops OR DIE". Since then, the poor bulletin board has evolved into the unoffical Political Graffiti Board. (better picture, courtesy my real camera)

Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing is funny?

I'll post any new developments if they happen before I leave.


Will said...

Now is your time to put the giant V on it!

And I'm all defacing that statement. It's an empty signifier that means absolutely nothing that lets people feel good about themselves knowing they "did something." If you want to really support the troops, petition this shit we call a gov't to get them the fuck out of Iraq.

Mike said...

Why not petition the troops?

Will said...

Petition the troops to do what?

Mike Hanley said...

...what Will said. O_o

Yeah, a soldier deciding "This is B.S. - I'm just going home" while deployed in a foreign country generally doesn't go over so well...

If your beef is with the decisions of the higher-ups, you take it to the higher-ups.

Now granted, they won't listen or anything, but that's why we have term limits. ;)

Mike said...

Ask them what they want to do. Petition probably was not the right word. But, why not ask them what they thing should be done. They have the first hand experience. Ask them, "Should we pull out tomorrow?"