Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Home Tomorrow! W00t!

Happy Day-After-Your-Birthday, Will!

I catch a cab at 8:45 AM, wade through Thanksgiving lines at the airport, catch my 11:15 flight out and I'll be in Pittsburgh by 1:00. My roommate left yesterday, and most everyone else on my floor left today so it's pretty barren tonight. This was the dining hall at 6:30 PM...

There wasn't much food, either. Just hot dogs, hamburgers, some crappy pasta, and salad. I pity the poor fools who aren't going home over the break. The one upshot of there being not many people here is pretty much all the crazy kids went home already, so the people left behind are pretty cool. I got to introduce the joy that is "Rejected" to a couple more people. Muahahaha!

Recapping the time since my last post - well, I got a "new" Canon Optura 30 video camera off ebay. $310 for a camera that was $899 a year and a half ago is not bad, if you ask me. Throw in a case and extra battery and you have one happy film student!

What else happened? Oh yeah, we finally had snow on Friday! Come on, this is Syracuse for crying out loud, we should have had snow before Halloween! Pittsburgh got snow before us!

I've also been dealing with scheduling, which is turing into a real pain. Oh, I got my required courses in all right, although the only schedule that fits requires me to make the 20-minute walk from Syracuse Stage to Main Campus in less than 10 to get to my next class... but we told the professor about that so he's just going to try to shift the second class 10 minutes later. But that isn't the real problem - the real problem is my electives. I took so many AP's in high school that I can get out of all but 3 of my "academic elective" (read: arts & sciences) classes, one of which I took this semester. Instead, I can skip electives altogether some semesters (which I will take advantage of Junior and Senior year since I'll be spending so much time making longer films) or take studio electives (art stuff) instead. A studio elective sounded good for spring, so I signed up for "Introduction to 3D," where you get to learn Lightwave. Sounds like a really fun class. The problem is, it's normally reserved for Computer Arts majors (what happened to the ease of exploring different interests within the Transmedia department?) so I have to get a slip signed by the professor to let me take it.

Ok, but there's one problem with that - I can't track him down! his office hours are listed as only 12pm-1pm Thursdays, but when I went last week the door was shut and locked! I sent an e-mail, but I haven't heard a response yet. The head of my department said I was doing what I should, and that if I don't get a response in another week, I should send a follow-up e-mail. But by then the course may be full! Sigh... college. There is some good news about my schedule, though; As it's shaping up now, I won't have any classes on friday. Granted, I'll have an 8:30 am class on Monday, but whatever.

Wow, that turned into a rather long rant. I guess then I shouldn't go on too much about my stupid last paper for Writing 105, or my even more stupid Final essay for Art Media... yeah.

I know I've been neglecting the comic for... like... a month. I'll see if I can do something about that over break. Heck, maybe tonight, I'm not really doing anything else. We'll see.

To my friends: I'll see you guys back in the 'Burgh! We seriously need to have a LAN party, or Risk, or D&D. Something!

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