Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Future of Computers - Or At Least I Hope So!

A while back, I mentioned a video about some really cool multi-touch interaction research being done by Jeff Han and others at NYU. Like most of the rest of the internet, I was fairly impressed by it.

Well, the little research board has matured a bit. It can now be set up as a truly massive video wall, going even further in a "Minority Report" direction. To top it off, the experiment has become product, as one of these monsters has been sold to the military for a reported 6-figure sum.

Of course, there's a new, even more amazing video...

(Larger video here, but with ads)

Yes. Yes, yes, yes! That is the computer I want to be using in 10-20 years. In fact, I might go so far as to say if I can't get a computer like that for my own home in 20 years time, if not sooner, I may feel personally offended!

Ahem. All drooling aside, I wonder how all of this relates to the in-some-ways-similar (if smaller in scale) iPhone multi-touch interface, especially with regard to Steve Job's comment that "And boy have we patented it!" (Not sure if that's the exact quote)

Full Article: "Can Touch This"

As an aside, that video is being hosted by Brightcove, one of the many would-be YouTube challengers that has sprung up recently. It's one of the one's I've been considering for hosting my own movies - what do you think? (quality, interface, the actual Brightcove site?)

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