Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Moved to the New Blogger

I've just transferred my account to the new system Google is rolling out for Blogger. I think I've mostly transitioned the old cutomized page template over... mostly. (The dotted lines in the sidebar have got to go, and the POTM, while having slightly better placement, is still as ugly a hack behind the scenes as it always was.)

A few new features to look out for:
  • A better archive system (I think?)
  • Tagging (called "labels" by the geniuses here. I've started re-tagging old posts, but that'll take awhile) Example: This post is tagged "geekery," since my makinga moderately-sized post about a low-level system upgrade shows what an unabashed geek I am.
  • Trackbacks (I still don't know exactly how this works, but most blogs seem to have them, so why not?)
But again, this new system is still in Google's trademark "Beta" stage. So in other words, if anything seems borken in the near future, it's Blogger's fault!

Oh, and yes, I do intend to get back to updating this regularly, unlike most of my friends. It's just been really busy for me lately - I'll cover some of that in the next couple posts, probably.

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