Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hell. Yes.

You keep on shootin' first, Han 'ol buddy!

Original, Unaltered Star Wars Release Slated for September.

'Tis a good day for Star Wars fans, and really, all film geeks. Heck, all geeks period. Scratch that: good day for everyone!

On a totally unrelated note, I have a sinking fear I may not be sleeping tonight, as I'm going home tomorrow, and the majority of my packing is still to be done. Crap.

Update: As of 7:00 am, this dire prediction of mine seems to be true. Fooey.


Will said...

Yay for more $ being milked out of the Lucas fanbase.

What's so good about the originals? I liked the revised ones.

Mike said...

yeah I agree.

I read a list of the changes and they seem pretty small. Is there something we are missing?