Friday, March 10, 2006

Huge X-Men 3 Spoiler Cover-up

As a movie studio, what do you do when the trailer for your highly-anticipated upcoming film reveals something it shouldn't? Modify the trailer, of course! Nevermind the fact that removing the evidence only serves to confirm that yes, that shot did mean exactly what you thought it did.

Bottom line: the trailer that is online now is not the one that was originally posted a couple days ago.


Seriously, this is a big spoiler. Maybe not "I am your father" big, but possibly close. I couldn't even ethically make myself put the images on the front page of this blog, so you'll have to click your way to having part of the movie ruined. If you click any of the links below, I cannot be held responsible for the consequences. You have been warned

In the currently available trailers, the shot around time index 2:16 is Wolverine scratching his way down a wall.

However, when the trailer was first released, that same shot was something altogether different - SPOILER WARNING! Don't click this!!!!.

If you just clicked that second link, I'm so sorry. I won't describe what it is here, but it should be obvious if you look at what's in the picture, what's going on, and what's missing. I can't believe 20th Century Fox let that out, even if only for a short time. My guess - some editor's job is not as secure as it once was after this incident. also shows the original image (SPOILER!) in their flipbook.

There. With as many SPOILER tags as I put in this post, you have no one to blame but yourself. And that dumb editor at 20th Century Fox.


Drkdstryer said...

"I’d like to clarify my current apple situation. I have not “switched”. I have simply added the mac to my computing life. I can’t get rid of the PC, that’s just not an option for anyone who likes to play games.
- Gabe, Penny Arcade.


Mike Hanley said...

Yes... yes you've truly proven me wrong with a quote that restates my exact situation. PC = Xbox for people who know there's more to life than Halo 2. Actually, I was going to refer to that very quote in another post, but I thought that would be pushing the issue and beating a dead horse, so I chose to drop it instead.

And if you really want to play the platform-war quote game, I think this one from about a week ago is more revealing:

"I’m not going to ditch my PC anytime soon but I actually get excited when I think about using the Mac."
- Gabe, Penny Arcade

But yes, PC's are still "it" for games. They aren't evil. I mean it's not like yours made you comment on the wrong post or anything. ;)

Mike said...

heh, don't blaim the PC for that one.

Garbage in, garbage out.