Monday, February 13, 2006

It's Not My Birthday!

Past midnight - looks like it's technically no longer my birthday.

Woo-hoo, 19. I can officially do... nothing I couldn't last year. Except maybe buy beer in Canada. So if I go to Canada in the next year, I'm all set.

Thanks to eveyone who wished me a Happy Birthday in person, on AIM, on Facebook or on the phone. Even if most of you will never read this!


Mike said...

Lol, I read it every day actually. It has become part of the daily routine to check everyones.

And hey, what about updating, we are at a month exactly since the last comic


Mike Hanley said...

Same here, lol.

Comic. Yeeeeeeeaaah... I really should do that. We'll see what happens.


Drkdstryer said...

I still read it, I just have nothing to report on my life ;P

Mike Hanley said...

Then do what other blogs do: Point out or rant about stuff on the internet. I know you spend enough time there. :)