Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Upcoming absence

My break so far...

Got home at like 3:00 AM Saturday morning, slept most of the rest of the day. Sunday night I hung out at Haley's for A Very Bitter Beer Pong and watched Donnie Darko, a very weird but interesting movie. And, uh, that about brings you up to speed. Yeah, the amount of craziness leading up to finals makes the lack of stuff going on now seem a little odd. Of course, there's nothing unpleasant about doing nothing! :)

But I didn't make this post to point out how little I've been doing, I made it to point out that from December 23-27 I'll be visiting relatives in New Hampshire. (Another long car trip? Noooooooo!!!) So, if anyone (coughHaleycough) is planning anything (coughlan partycough) over break, please don't do it then!

And Halapy, I fully plan on updating the webcomic.



Mike said...

1) Beer = Water ;)
2) kk
3) see number 4
4) pmiyjjol

Mike Hanley said...

1) You drunkard :P
2) Cool.
3) Looking...
4) grgvnz

Drkdstryer said...

1) Beer =/= Water, Beer == Piss, same proof as water but tastes so much worse.
3) My number 4 is far superior.
4) xamqbz