Monday, September 19, 2005

Fly Me to the Moon...

Looks like NASA is finally going back to the moon. I, for one, am excited. For too long we've been wasting our time (not to mention billions of dollars) spinning pretty little circles around our own planet. It's time to move on, and this return to the moon is the first step in getting NASA off it's ass. Even better, the new design, similar to the Apollo rockets, has the crew capsule on the top of the boosters, making the whole "shedding foam that could hit the crew capsule" problem irrelevant. (duh!)

I can't wait!


Will said...

Yay for the big spending Bush administration! Another useless means to spend our money.

Mike said...

Always gotta be something negative huh?


lblyni was my letters btw...

Mike Hanley said...

Actually, if you read the caption under one of the pictures in that article, it says they'll be using existing funds. I personally think this is a much better use of the money NASA gets than trying to do more and more duct-tape-and-bubblegum fixes to the clearly flawed (and way overdue for retirement) shuttle fleet, just so we can play "let's fly in a circle" again.

...and my letters were yrzqx.

Mike said...

hahahahahahahaha....thats right, post those letters!

It just feels right =)


Mike said...

Hanley you got most of the tougher riddles from when I did them on my blog. I want you to take a whack at this one and see what you think.

"I am and yet can not
am an Idea, yet can rot
am two but none
am on land, but on sea.
What am I?"

bqinao btw

Will said...

The answer is of course FUCKING LIBERALS! Hah.. Yeah, I quit.


Mike said...

lol, anyone know why they are posting the letters? I sure as hell don't ;)


oh no Will sorry your answer is incorrect...Liberals will never be the answer ;)