Thursday, August 11, 2005

Hanley Films Is Up! (sorta)

I still don't have the full, fancy PHP site with professional-looking movie viewers and such done, but I've put up an interim page at where you can download my movies. Note that at this time I do not recommend anyone on a non-Mac system bother downloading the H.264 (Quicktime 7) versions of my movies. Quicktime 7 may rock on OS X, but it isn't officially out on Windows yet, and although the Preview Release (aka "Beta") does work, its pretty crappy in terms of performance. I'm talking playback of a 30fps, 640x360 movie at 800 Kb/s is struggling to maintain 15 fps. So just use the 480x270 versions until Quicktime 7 comes out for Windows (should be soon).

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