Monday, July 11, 2005

OMG! I Agree With Fox News?

I've kept this blog fairly non-political for a while now, but I just can't leave this one alone.

Alright, so I was against the current war when it was proposed (and still believe it was a mistake, but that we're far enough in now that a rapid pull-out now would do much more harm than good). But like many others, that in no way diminishes my deep respect, admiration, and gratefulness towards our troops abroad.

Some people have always been (and still are) staunch supporters of the war. I disagree with these people, but I respect their opinions.

Others want us to pull out of Iraq immediately. I also disagree with these people, but still respect their opinions.

Then there are people like Michael Crook. Actually, that may be a misstatement, as I'm unsure as to whether I would go so far as to classify Mr. Crook as a person. Anyway, he got quite the bashing on Fox News (as pointed out by Tim of CtrlAltDel), and I found myself, for the first time I can remember, wholeheartedly agreeing with the "Evil Network".

The website in question,, has thankfully been shut down, although parts of it are archived at the Internet Wayback Machine. Many suspect the site may have been a hoax/prank/joke, but I think everyone who could possibly read this blog will agree that it goes several miles beyond the "in poor taste" marker. I mean, "The U.S. soldier is a poster-child for retroactive abortion."? That's not funny, it's appalling! (don't believe me? Go ahead, check the video)

The Bad news: apparently the guy lives in Syracuse, NY, where I will be going in about a month and a half.
The Good news: This may give me an opportunity to punch him in the face.